Practice session July 24th 2019

Most of the band were unavailable this week, so a few of us met up for some practice on the simulator.

We started of with Keith and Stephanie practicing their leading on 6. We’ve previously done a fair bit of practice covering both with the simulator and with real ringers, so leading practice was a useful exercise.

Graham then rang a touch (3 leads) of Bristol Surprise Maximus.

The Keith and Stephanie had a few attempts at leading to Plain Bob Minor, to improve their hunting and listening skills.

We then tried ringing the 3 muffled bells (2,3 and 4) in rounds on 6 with Abel ringing the other 3 bells. This worked quite well, so we attempted to get Abel conducting some call changes. This didn’t work very well, primarily because we couldn’t hear the change announcements properly over the bells on the laptop speakers. We agreed we probably need to put some better speakers for this.

Then Graham had another attempt at Bristol Surprise Maximus followed by Keith and Stephanie trying out covering on 10 bells.

Graham ringing Bristol Surprise Maximus with the simulator

It was an interesting and useful practice session which ended, as usual, with a debrief at The Castle Inn across the road.