Ringing Practice 16th Sept 2019

We started the evening with Graham, Sue, Stephanie, Keith and Jeremy ringing up 5 bells in peal, which was moderately successful, especially considering this was Jeremy’s first attempt.

Keith rang up the 6th and then we did some rounds and simple call changes with Louise to introduce her to call changes, and to give the rest of the band some practice on call changes.

Keith and Stephanie then attempted some treble dodging on 4 bells, with Sue and Vinni on the other two and Graham giving guidance.

We then did some more rounds and call changes followed by Graham, Sue, Vinnie, Jeremy, Stephanie and Keith practicing Mexican Wave on 6 bells, which went very well.

Before we finished we tried the treble dodging again, before practicing ringing down in peal and heading off to The Castle with everyone looking forward to a well-earned drink.