Ringing Practice 30th September 2019

We had a few of the regular band missing this evening due to illness. Graham, Duncan, Keith and Jeremy attended with Vinni and Simon joining us to help.

We started with practicing ring up in peal, followed by a brief attempt to do plain hunt on 3 bells before Vinni and Simon joined us. We then rang rounds and call changes and some Mexican Wave.

To give Jeremy and Duncan some practice moving around in a more complex method, we then practised Whitefield. In this training method, Simon and Vinni (on the 1 and 4 bells) plain hunted whilst Duncan (on the 2 bell) made places to firsts position and back, and Jeremy (on the 3 bell) made places to fourths position and back. Keith covered on the 5 bell to give Duncan a common reference when he was leading.

Whitefield training method

Keith then did some hunting from the treble to a more complex method.

We then finished by attempting “Dodgy places Mexican Wave”. This is a variation on Mexican Wave where each pair of bells dodges before and after making places. As this was a complex and unfamiliar exercise Graham, wisely, decided to do the exercise on each pair of bells individually, allowing the band to settle back into rounds before calling the next pair of bells.

“Dodgy Places Mexican Wave” training method

We then rang the bells down in peal and went to The Castle for a well-earned drink.